The UWP Community Toolkit

The UWP Community Toolkit is a collection of helper functions, custom controls, and app services. It simplifies and demonstrates common developer tasks building UWP apps for Windows 10.

The toolkit can be used to build UWP apps for any Windows 10 device, including PC, Mobile, XBOX, IoT and HoloLens. You can also use the toolkit with an existing desktop app converted to UWP using the Desktop Bridge.

The UWP Community Toolkit is available as a Visual Studio NuGet package for new or existing C# and VB.NET projects. The project is hosted on github and is maintained by the community.

Features of the UWP Toolkit include:


Easy to add visual effects Animations allow you to implement specific XAML behaviors and apply visual composition to your application, such as Blur and Fade. You can also use code to chain animations together without using XAML.


Notifications are a key UI component to help UWP applications with user engagement. Live Tiles and Toast samples help you get started using them fast.


Custom controls Additional to SDK Ready to use Controls were built to be fast and up to current UWP coding standard. They include HamburgerMenu, RadialGauge, SlideableListItem and more.


Modern applications need to connect to cloud services. The toolkit show you how to connect to Bing, Facebook, and Twitter services.

Code Helpers

Code helpers are classes that simplify common coding patterns like Color conversion, Internet connection detection, StorageFile helpers, and more.