The Conversation Era

In days gone by, the only way to interact with your computer was by typing commands using the keyboard.

This then progressed onto using a keyboard and mouse which has been the norm for many years. If we wanted information, we typed it into a search engine, or a search bar on a website, or navigated through various menus using a mouse.

However, what happens when you are not quite sure what you’re looking for, or there are simply too many menus to navigate through putting you off?

Enter the

To put it simply, a bot is an artificial brain that can be taught all about a topic. For example, it could be taught all about your business, what products and services it offers, opening times, links to social media etc. Customers can then interact with your bot on a variety of platforms such as on a Web Chat on a website, Facebook Messenger or Kik – they can now have a conversation with your business.


What’s the advantage?

speech_bubbles-svgBot technology is brand new and is already proving popular. To the business, it provides a unique way to provide information to the customer, in a quick and efficient manner. To the customers, it provides a way for them to interact with a business in ways that they are already familiar with such as Facebook, Skype and Kik. Businesses and customers can now have a conversation again.

I’m curious. Tell me more!

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