Deploying a WordPress Website to Azure

Deploying a WordPress Website to Azure could not be easier and can be achieved in a few easy steps.

Create the Website in the Azure Portal

Azure - New

Once logged into Azure  – Click on the plus sign along the left hand side – a menu should appear.

Once this menu has appeared, click on “See all” beside Marketplace. Another menu should appear.

In the search bar, type “WordPress” and click on the first item on the list.

Another menu will appear giving you some information on WordPress – click the create button at the bottom of this screen.

Another screen will then appear prompting you for some information:

wordpress - filled in

App Name – This is what you want your web address to be (it is in the format – in this case, we have picked

Resource Group – Often, a feature on Azure is made up of may different components – a resource group allows you to group these components together for easy management. In this case, we have created a resource group “WordPress” for all things WordPress related.

Database Provider – There are two options present here – ClearDB and MySQL in app preview. We will select ClearDB as it is not in preview. You get one ClearDB 20MB Database free on your subscription.

App Service – There may be a default app service automatically created, but if there is not, follow the wizard to create one.

Database – This is a name generated by ClearDB – no need to change it.

Legal Terms – These must be accepted in order to use ClearDB.


Once Happy with all the details, click on Create.

Wait a few moments and you will receive a notification saying that the website has been created.

Setting up WordPress


Once created, navigate to the web address – in this case

You will then be shown a language selection screen – select your language and click continue.

Another setup will appear – from here – fill in the necessary details


Site Title – This will appear at the top of your website.

Username / Password – These will be used to log on to the website.

Email – This will be used by WordPress to communicate with you (with regards to updates etc).

Once happy, click “Install WordPress”, and wait a few moments.  You will then be taken to the admin site for your WordPress install, where you can style the website to your needs.



To access the front end for your website, remove the /wp-admin part of the URL.