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The Internet of Things – A Business Case

The internet of Things has become a talking point in recent years, but what is it and what value does it have for business?

What is it?

The Internet of Things (IoT) can loosely be defined as connecting your everyday “things” to the internet allowing them to “talk” to each other or communicate with websites and apps. For example, you could connect a temperature sensor in your house to the Internet and view the data on an app on your phone.

What does it mean for my business?

Traditionally, information within businesses travel along the more “familiar” routes, with information being lodged in databases, analysed in the form of a report and then passed onto management.

This information path is now changing with the physical world around us becoming an information system with more common sensors and devices being connected to the internet.


This can have many benefits depending on your business area- for example, IoT technology could be applied to your factory line to provide management with real-time analytics data of performance on the factory line – this can then assist in predictive maintenance of machines on the factory line, saving money and downtime, allowing maintenance on machines before they actually fail.

Regardless of your business area, the dynamic nature and endless possibility of IoT technology will allow it to fit your business needs. The IoT ecosystem is an emerging market and according to Gartner, there will be more than 9 billion IoT devices by 2018 – can you afford to miss out?


The Importance of Mobile Apps for your Business

We all have a mobile phone in our pocket with many apps installed on it – we communicate on our phones, do our shopping and managing our banking all from our

A mobile app for your business can open up new avenues and new and innovative ways to reach your customers.
From a mobile app, a customer can

  • Easily get access to information on your product or service
  • Get notifications on special events  or promotions – you can bring your marketing to your customers pocket)
  • Get location based notifications – if a customer walks close to one of your shops, you can send them a notification to entice them in.
  • Easily contact you 24 hours a day


Mobile apps have proven successful in the market as compared to email campaigns – 97% of notifications sent to a mobile phone from an app are read as opposed to just 10% of email campaigns.

Contact us today and see how you could use a mobile app within your business.

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